Master WIP Show-Sweet Spot-Lasalle-Nov-2015

Title: I was just like you until I was given a name

Material: 39 Tin-Cans (5cm by 7cm each)Sweet Spot-Npv-2-15-JustinLee-03aa Sweet Spot-Npv-2-15-JustinLee-03a Sweet Spot-Npv-2-15-JustinLee-03 Sweet Spot-Npv-2-15-JustinLee-02aa Sweet Spot-Npv-2-15-JustinLee-02a Sweet Spot-Npv-2-15-JustinLee-02 Sweet Spot-Npv-2-15-JustinLee-01aaa Sweet Spot-Npv-2-15-JustinLee-01aa Sweet Spot-Npv-2-15-JustinLee-01a

Justin Lee seeks to record everyday lifestyle by looking at texts, motifs and images from mass media like signage, billboards and consumer packaging. This allows him to explore relationships with objects based on a sense of loss and found-ness. His works of art find inspiration in the use of recycled or found objects such as carton boards and tin cans. He is currently exploring the use of text and motifs, embroidered on to the walls of tin cans to create a new meaning in the the value of found objects.