Lasalle-Master work- Sem-2-Oct-2015

Assessment Work-03a-Olympic

My current art practice is to investigate the different or meaning given to an object. The process explored the relationship between the object’s initial or intended function (experience) and a second leash of life given to it for a newly served purpose through an alternative function. Through this transformation, an object is no-longer perceived as useless but is changed according to different interpretation, both personal and social.

The critical point for my research is to contextualize each found object to find an appropriate new value for the reused material.

Assessment Work-02-Apple Assessment Work-03b-Olympic  Assessment Work-01-Motif Logo Assessment-TinCan-Experimental work  Assessment-I was once-Tin Can-01c Assessment Work-03-Exploration  CAN Series-Justin Lee-Found Object-2015-02aaa-LowRes CAN Series-Justin Lee-Found Object-2015-01aaLowRes  WIP-Tin Can-01bb TinCan-Experimental work-High Res Tin-Can-2015 CAN Series-Justin Lee-Text based work