Art Residency 2012-2018

Takeo- Japan 2018 Dec

WHERE CAN I GO FROM HERE- 時道-Justin Lee-inviteLRes

Takeo Residency Dec 2018

Video Art “Where do I go from here” 時道-

Duration: 5mins (Year 2018)

People experience residency in many ways. Justin Lee wish to take the opportunity to live and work outside of his usual environments, providing a time to reflect, research, or produce  different work in his life. He is interested to look at how people dress, eat and play in Takeo and hope to share a new perspective on what he had experienced in the context of art and life.


Residency Takeo-01aa-Lowres

Residency Takeo-01a-Lowres

Residency Takeo-01aaa Lowres