“Game of Life” Esplanade Concourse Singapore


Esplanade Concourse Singapore presented “Game of Life”

Title: “Game of Life”
Medium: Stainless Steel
Sizes: Variable – 240cm to 150cm (H)
Year: 2018/2019

About the work:

Justin Lee re-envisions his iconic terracotta warrior motif as soldiers facing off in a game of Chinese chess. Structural features reminiscent of the Chinese chessboard form the canvas for this installation, with grid-like fortresses and a river winding through steps creating a theatrical setting for a fictional battle.

In this exhibition, games and the concept of play are presented as metaphors to investigate prevailing social and cultural norms. The game of Chinese chess is used to critique the prevalence of social hierarchies and how they affect our interactions with each other. Game of Life is a tongue-in-cheek representation of how we manoeuvre the relationships we have in different arenas like the workplace, social settings and the digital realm. The artist also invites viewers to reflect on the impact of technology on our daily lives, as we gravitate away from traditional games like Chinese chess to those played on digital platforms.