Small Singapore Show 2.0- Taiwan/Singapore

Small Singapore Show 2.0

Post JustinLee-2018-Taipei-02a

Media: Embroidery on Found Object-Plastic Bag / Coffee Bag Holder / Fish Catcher

Year: 2018/2019

About his new works

When we are looking at an object or purchase a product, our interest could be based on its usage and the function. When we are attentive to details such as design, form, colour, material or presentation, we fall into aesthetic contemplation. The meaning behind an object is an element that is not always known to a user, as compared to its physical presentation, function or branding.

There are two factors that I take into consideration when I look at an object or a product. The first is to see how its functions add value to us.  The other factor is how the appearance adds meaning to us.

An object can be part of our memory in relation to a past function we are familiar with- however over time the function is no longer applicable to us. What if we altered the way it looks? Does it also alter our perception to the object?

In this new series of collaboration with Taiwanese artist Chia Chien-Ju (賈茜茹) on the idea of exchanging everyday object and material, and transforming them into art object. Our aim is to invite people to reinvestigate the meaning and function of object and material, in the context of today contemporary art world.

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Post JustinLee-2018-Taipei-02aa

Post JustinLee-2018-Taipei-02

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